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The Source

We researched grape sources for Memento Mori over the course of three years. Knowing that land is the key to quality, we considered buying our own vineyard. But we listened to the varied experiences of some of the best vineyard managers, farmers, and winemakers, and our path to creating a wine of unique and extraordinary caliber became clear: we would select and source from the best sites.

We now source from five of the absolute best vineyards in all of Napa Valley. All vetted over time, technique and by other elite producers. In St. Helena, we chose two Beckstoffer Vineyards (Dr. Crane and Las Piedras). In Oakville, we selected the Weitz Vineyard, Vine Hill Ranch and Oakville Ranch. Each stands on its own and has consistently been the source behind many legendary wines. We blend their unique characteristics--elegance, power, finish, and longevity--to create a perfectly balanced wine that seduces the palate year after year.