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Vineyards Napa Valley

Memento Mori Vineyard Map

Selected for unparalleled terroirs and superior farming, the vineyards of Memento Mori produce wines of intense, concentrated flavor and aromatics that reflect craftsmanship above all else.

Memento Mori sources Cabernet Sauvignon from Beckstoffer Dr. Crane, Beckstoffer Las Piedras, Weitz Vineyard, Oakville Ranch and Vine Hill Ranch – all vetted over time, technique and by other elite producers. Each of these exceptional vineyards are world renowned and have consistently been the source behind some of the most legendary wines of the past few decades. Memento Mori wines imbue the elegance, power, aromatics, texture, finish, and longevity to create beautifully balanced wines that are approachable in their youth, but have enough structure to cellar for long term aging.

 St. Helena

Beckstoffer Dr. Crane Vineyard “ Grand Cru Dirt ”

Classic grand cru Napa Valley. The Memento Mori block was planted in 1998, and is defined by pure Cortina soil, sand and rock…and a lot of it. I think that what I love most about our block in particular – in no way does it look like it should be as phenomenal as it is.

 St. Helena

Beckstoffer Las Piedras Vineyard “ Solid Rock ”

This special place, just a couple hundred yards west of Dr. Crane along Sulfur Creek, feels like it’s spilling out over the edges of the stream. Alluvial rocky sand slid apart when it overflowed, eventually forming this incognito – yet incredibly magical – vineyard.


Oakville Ranch Vineyard “ Volcanic Earth ”

The bright red intensity of the soil gives these wines their density, concentrated fruit and tannin. The magic of this site is in the farming of Phil Coturri, an organics pioneer and wonderful man whose inimitable character is palpable in the vineyard, its healthy soils, and the gorgeous fruit that this striking site produces.


Weitz Vineyard “ Red Rock ”

Every year, the small block of fruit we pull from Weitz makes probably the darkest wine we produce at Memento Mori. Yet it is also so brambly and bright that it remains my go-to blending wine in my toolkit. Its unique terroir makes Weitz so fun and consistent to work with year after year. This is a very small block that we pull our Cabernet Sauvignon from.


Vine Hill Ranch Vineyard “ The Workhorse ”

The workhorse...year after year Vine Hill Ranch is just so good. Sitting slightly north and to the west of Yountville, the ranch has a history going back to the late 1880s. This incredible site is one you simply have to respect and just try to stay out of the way of its inherent brilliance.